“Every child is one caring adult away from a success story.” – Josh Shipp


Frequently Asked Questions

Any payments without a clear reference will go to our organisation, and then distributed where we see the most desperate need. If you would like it to go to something specifically, please reference it, or let us know. We are completely transparent about funds and donations, and you can contact us directly if you have any questions or want to see our annual financials.

There are many ways you can help, as an individual or as a corporate, such as:

  1. Mentorship: 1-on-1 or to a group.
  2. Financial assistance towards schooling and textbooks
  3. Joining us assist at schools, crèche’s and churches in Diepsloot
  4. Donations of cell phones, clothing, food etc

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Our aim is to spend the money we receive on those who need it the most. The only salary paid is that of the teacher. All Directors, Mentors and helpers give of their time without financial compensation. We spend a maximum of 10% on administrative costs.

Want to get involved?
There are many ways to help.