“Every child is one caring adult away from a success story.” – Josh Shipp


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A Word From Our Mentors

Rose and Thandi

“My name is Rose Kabemba. I am a mentor to Thandi, a lovely teen based in Diepsloot.

Have you ever felt that there is more to life than what you are experiencing? Or felt that you have this big dream that you want to accomplish but do not know what is needed to achieve it?

The role of a mentor is to help the mentee bridge the gap from where he/she is to where he/she want to be. As a mentor I feel blessed as I have more exposure to life, more resources and a higher level of education. It is from this point of view that I feel the need to share what I have been blessed with, with Thandi. Our relationship is not based on material things but sharing of experiences and advise.

When I met Thandi she was shy and our conversation was based on the questions that I asked. However, she is starting to open up. She shares stories that interest her and I am starting to know her. The more time I spend with Thandi, the more I feel good about myself: If I cannot reach the whole world at least I can make a difference to one person.This relationship also encourages me to be a better person so that my advice can be based on what I do, not only what I say. Thandi is encouraged to do better at school because I hold her accountable, I always want to know her results at the end of each term.

In this process I found that mentor and mentee relationship benefit all who are involved. Thandi is learning to trust me as I spend more time listening to her. This is a beautiful relationship where you go without any expectations and yet there is so much gain in the human interaction.”


Mentoring …is about motivating, inspiring and challenging specific development areas.

“I have enjoyed mentoring my Grade 11 student with an aim to support, guide and encourage her to manage her own learning in order that she may maximise her potential, develop her skills, improve her performance and become the person she wants to be both academically and spiritually.   

Critical to this partnership (mentor and mentee) success is a relationship based upon mutual trust and respect. Every activity aims to enable a mentee to become more self-aware, taking responsibility for their life and directing their life in the direction they decide, rather than leaving it to chance. Rewarding achieved milestones motivates greater commitment to bigger goals. Too much work makes Johnny a dull boy – we work hard and play hard too.”