Safe Learning Spaces for Students

Our proudest achievement, apart from our thriving kids, is the classroom built in Diepsloot which out of 16,000 Ecobricks in 2020. We are now building an Ecobrick Green School Centre which will have three additional classrooms and other facilities.

About our Ecobrick Classroom

  • Built using over 16,000 Ecobricks, 4,000 alone for the foundation
  • It is 45m²
  • It comfortably seats 20 students
  • It is a much more comfortable and cooler environment than our zinc classroom

Additionally, our program employs women in and around Diepsloot each weekend to make and complete Ecobricks.

Ecobrick Classroom - Exterior

Watch the Launch of our Ecobrick classroom in 2020:

What are Ecobricks?

Ecobricks are 2L plastic bottles that are filled (ideally) with non-recyclable plastic.

They are then used as bricks with cement to build different structures, from benches to buildings.

They are not flammable and are an answer to the plastic pollution in our townships. They are also insulated and keep structures much cooler than traditional zinc buildings (or shacks).

Ecobrick Centre

Our 2023 vision is to build an entire Ecobrick Centre! This is already underway and the foundations have been laid. Outline:

  • It will be a larger building with 3 classrooms, bathrooms and other facilities (library and/or charity shop)
  • We estimate it needs over 70,000 Ecobricks and will be 168m²
  • It will also be solar powered with mobile Internet for online classes
Ecobrick Green School - Under Construction

Like what we’re doing?

If you want to be a part of building additional classrooms and educating children in Diepsloot, you can donate towards this or volunteer your time and skills.

Banking Details

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First National Bank
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General Needs

  • Sponsorship and donations for school fees

  • Teachers – online or in-person

  • Stationery

  • Textbooks (Platinum and Spot On series)