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Welcome to Khensani’s Collection

We are an Education-focused Organisation in Diepsloot, South Africa

We provide hope through education. We strive to give academically talented but economically disadvantaged youth an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Programmes

What We Do

Our core function is assisting children to reach their full potential through education.

Ecobrick Classroom
Career Guidance

After School Extra Lessons

Our charity employs a teacher to facilitate our afterschool and online lessons.

Ecobrick Classrooms

In 2020, we build the first Ecobrick classroom in Diepsloot and in 2023 we built an entire school with three classrooms and other facilities.

Career Guidance

This programme helps students make subject choices in school and university that are aligned to their passion.

Current Project

Green Ecobrick School

The first ever school that is built only out of Ecobricks is almost complete. Find out more and how you can be involved in this life-changing project.

Donate materials or your time to help us finish our school!

Building Progress
Funding Needed
Materials Needed

Our Impact

Our charity organisation was founded in 2015.
We focus on the quality of education we offer to students in Diepsloot.

Students & Families
Ecobrick Classrooms
Subjects Offered
Black Owned & Run
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