“Every child is one caring adult away from a success story.” – Josh Shipp

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We are a charitable organisation based in
Diepsloot, South Africa

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Draw alongside a teen in Diepsloot, with one-on-one mentoring sessions to suite your availability.


What our mentors are saying

I have enjoyed my time with [Mojalefa] and feel he has also taught me some things. It’s hard to put into words but watching him grow in confidence and encourage other kids that are younger than him is very satisfying. He is a good kid, respectful, stays out of trouble, doesn’t drink or blame anyone for his circumstances and generally has a good attitude and wants to improve himself as a young man. I can recommend getting involved, there will be challenges alone the way, but the positives far out way any negatives. I’m very happy to talk to any potential mentors to elaborate further, they can give me a call or drop me a mail and I’m happy to help.



I am a mentor to a 18 year old teen from Diepsloot, Nthabiseng. The journey has been both interesting and exciting and I enjoy our time together, even if not too often. She shows great promise in school and life and she loves sharing it with me.

Not only has it benefited her, but me as well. I’ve learnt a lot about life in Diepsloot, a vast contrast compared to life in the Northern Suburbs. We visited her family in the heart of Diepsloot earlier this year and it was a life-changing experience, and I recommend it to everyone. I loved mentoring and creating a bond with this soon-to-be-adult. I would suggest it to anyone and everyone.

Lisa Casson


I can attribute part of success to mentorship. Had it not been for models, mentors, and coaches whom God sent into my life and loved me, encouraged me, believed in me and patiently walked alongside with me I would certainly not have realised my dreams.

Benjamin Disraeli once said “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.”

A Statement from a Mentor


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