South Africans across the country tore themselves away from their offices today in order to generously give 67 minutes of their precious time to a cause on their hearts. It is a day where many leave their comfort zones and get their hands dirty. It is where, for a brief moment, they are afforded the opportunity to be the change they want to see. It is not a noble cause; it is a cause that we have been called to, in the memory of our greatest leader Nelson Mandela.

Diepsloot has over 1 million residents. Many of whom do not have running water or electricity. A reality that seems incomprehensible in 2017. Yet Diepsloot is a buzz of colour, vibrance, friendship and hope for a better tomorrow. It is filled with far more good, gentle and trustworthy people than not. It is filled with entrepreneurs, kindness and families that love and care for each other.

Khensani’s Collection is a small charity that works with the beautiful community of Diepsloot. We run a mentorship program encouraging people to donate a few hours of their time a month to impacting the life of a teenager. We have seen the results of a child blossoming when they are motivated and cared for. We have seen how that single life has the power to slowly seep into a family and a community. Khensani’s Collection also run an afterschool math and science class. Our teacher, Robert, meets with the dedicated teens 6 days a week. Amongst other initiatives, we support two local crèches in Diepsloot by sponsoring children, regular visits to give hugs and supplying donated baby clothes and toys. We invite you to join us.

On Mandela day we were visited by a few companies who were eager to get involved. Casson Media and Hard Rock Café Johannesburg came through to deliver lunch, smiles and hugs at a local crèche. ZA Central Registry made a much needed donation and visited the Math & Science class, joined by Seventh Sense Internet of Things (SSIoT) and Dlwilson Attorney. Our aim for the day was to offer more than just happy Facebook pictures, but to truly impact young lives. A presentation was offered by ZACR to train the teens. Time was spent cleaning the classroom so that our teens can learn in a welcoming environment. Fun was had by all playing math games and ball sports, on one of the few patches of grass in the area. Peanut butter sandwiches were enjoyed by all, while teens and their visitors engaged in real conversation and learned more about each other’s worlds.

Our hope is that the beauty and joy of Mandela Day will not be limited to 67 minutes once a year. We encourage you to find what calling is on your heart and act. To commit to a few hours a month, rather than a year. To choose an activity where you are receiving insight and growth as well as offering your skills to uplift at least one fellow South African. For that is how our mighty nation will rise from its knees, slowly to its feet.

Khensani’s Collection is a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC). Our core function is assisting children to reach their full potential through the gift of education. Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to promote the development of young people. We strive to give academically talented but economically disadvantaged youth in Diepsloot an opportunity to reach their full potential. Some of our initiatives include:

  • 1-on-1 Mentorship Program
  • Teen Group Workshops
  • Math and Science Classes
  • Sponsor a Crèche Child
  • Feeding and Family Upliftment

If you like the work we're doing, please consider donating time or resources.

All donations go to our students and Ecobrick School.

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