To all our volunteers and corporate sponsors:

THANK YOU from all of us at Khensani’s Collection

On Saturday 18 July (Mandela Day 2020), we went to our premises in Diepsloot to get our hands dirty for 67 minutes. Khensani’s Collection, along with 12 volunteers from various companies, spent the late morning creating Ecobricks that will be used for the class ceiling and floors of our Ecobrick Classroom.

Our Ecobrick classroom is the 1st of its kind in Diepsloot. It is 78sqm2 and will safely accommodate 15 students with social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Afterwards, it will accommodate 30 students comfortably.


Currently, we have 40 students in our program and a classroom is generously given to us 6 days a week by God’s Will Faith Ministries church who also donated land for us to build the extra classroom. It has been our dream since to build another classroom so we can accommodate and assist more students.

In 2020, the dream finally became a reality as one of our directors, Diana Musara, had the idea to build the classroom out of Ecobricks – it would be the most cost-effective as the community and students were involved in picking plastic bottles and litter to build the bricks. Ecobricks were also donated by a number of organisations and schools taking away the cost of buying bricks. Earthly Touch, which is run by a group of upcoming entrepreneurs in construction, donated their time and skills to build the classroom for Khensani’s Collection. (For more information on Ecobricks and how they are helping save our planet, read the Wikipedia Article).

So far, we have built the walls, put on the roof and installed the window frames and solar panels. Next, we will plaster and paint, and we aim to have the classroom completed by 8 August 2020.

Thanks to our volunteers and sponsors, we achieved the following donations for Mandela Day 2020:

  1. A donation of 28 smartphones for the students’ online learning.
  2. Two laptops for our students’ online lessons (Thank you Practara)
  3. Masks and sanitisers for our staff and foot sanitizer stand by W.G McDonald  PTY
  4. Data donation.
  5. Monetary donations towards our new classrooms’ desks and chairs
  6. Food for the builders, students and volunteers on the day
  7. R1810 cash donated which will go towards our ongoing needs for data and sanitisers.

If you’d like to partner with us or get involved, contact Diana:

If you like the work we're doing, please consider donating time or resources.

All donations go to our students and Ecobrick School.

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